Completely FREE to play if you bring your own equipment! You must be 18 or older.


Action packed, fast-paced, close quarters combat arena!


Capture the flag, Domination, Plant and Defuse, King of the Hill, and other games we play all require teamwork to be successful.


We design our games to keep you on the battlefield rather than waiting to play!


We have high quality rental equipment available. For only $30 you get your choice of a KRYTAC CRB or a KRYTAC PDW equipped with an 11.1v LiPo, a Facemask, Goggles, and all the ammunition you'll need for the day! No longer will you have to buy more ammo throughout the day!

Don't want the package? Everything is individually priced as well:

  • $20 - KRYTAC PDW or KRYTAC CRB equipped with 11.1v Lipo
  • $5 - Mesh face mask
  • $5 - Full seal goggles